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HR & Accounting

Albert Heijn

Albert Heijn, the biggest supermarket chain in the Netherlands, has chosen LegalThings to automate HR. To comply with Dutch labour law, strict procedures must be followed.

Unfortunately people get laid off. But in order to do so a company must comply with local labour laws.

Ahold has chosen technology that provides for the highest standard available. Everyone should be treated the same. Standardizing procedures allows for equality amongst all employees.

LegalThings One digitizes the cradle-to-grave process from signing the employment agreement, to the warning if an employee doesn't show up at work, until the termination of the contract.

Making the consequences of the rules that are agreed upon understandable for all employees, provides for a level playing field within the organization.

Law & Notary

Law has been the domain of the elite for too long. LegalThings One visualizes contracts in such a way that it is understandable for everyone. We enable equality of rights for all parties involved.

For starters, law isn’t fair. On paper it is, because the rules should apply to everyone. However, in practice the law is on the side of those with the deepest pockets and with friends in the highest places.

FIRM24 has changed this and made practicing law available for everyone.

Over 6,000 incorporations and 10,000 contracts are being closed every year. Without the ‘legal lingo’ and other bells and whistles.

FIRM24 has chosen LegalThings to break those barriers. With a 10% market share in the entrepreneurial landscape they rely on the best technology available.


Re-thinking the way we look at processes and contracts by breaking them up in understandable rules so they can be executed by humans and computers has provided for a new way to do business.

We think a contract is more than a piece of paper you put in a drawer. An LegalThings One contract consists of a set of rules that you agree upon, but also attached to possible tasks, logs, reportings and other aspects of a contract that should be monitored. With blockchain technology, internal as well external parties are guaranteed of a level playing field.


Most people think bureaucracy this is a bad thing, while bureaucracy is our best defense against fraud and favoritism.

Governments are seeking a ways to increase the trust of civilians and reduce bureaucracy. This seems like a pipedream. With legalThings the Dutch Ministry of Justice had found a way to enable participation within society without compromizing on security and risk of fraud. Together with with multiple government disciplines, we've created a decentralized system for communication on the LegalThings One platform through blockchain.

Transfer Pricing

With LegalThings One, billion dollars' worth of transfer pricing documentation is managed worldwide in a securely way.

Transfer Pricing documentation compliance regulation has put significant strain on the resources of companies, due to the complexity of diverse business models and the extensive geographical footprint of companies.

LegalThings One digitizes the end-to-end process from creation-to-repository of transfer pricing documentation. We realize this by digitizing the repetitive parts of the documentation and worklows, while providing a robust search function to get your users close to their critical data,

documents and progress, irrespective of device or geographical location. Given the fact that all steps and actions are recorded within the tool, accountabilities are transparent with clear visibility of progress.