Our business cases

LTO is already operational. Over 30.000 clients use LegalThings every day.

Digital Transaction Management (DTM) clients

By storing all the transaction in our blockchain an audit trail is created showing transparency in dealing with third parties and continuous compliance. DTM offers tremendous cost savings, continuous compliant with company regulation / policy and speed. benefits to businesses. These companies use LTO PaaS in the following ways:

LegalThings One digitizes the cradle-to-grave employment process for Albert Heijn Vos. From signing the employment agreement, to the automated warnings when employees don’t show up at work, till the termination process of the contract.

In collaboration with Quislex, the world’s leading Legal Process Outsourcer, we’re launching a DTM based application in which your idea of investment is secured through a Live Contract NDA.

Over 12.000 notary transactions each year are handled through the FIRM24 network on the LegalThings platform. Without the ‘legal lingo’ and other bells & whistles.

Regulatory and Compliance clients

In order to comply with this increasing compliance requirements, companies and governments will digitize processes in pre-defined audited workflow to be compliant 24/7. On their turn, governments need to be compliant with their own laws.

For being compliant with the upcoming GDPR regulations, Dekra, Germany’s largest insurance claim company, requested a streamlined compliance process for their data processor agreements between partners. Automated data deletion, anchored in a public blockchain, ensures their full compliance.

LegalThings provides the backbone for mandatory Transfer Pricing documentation by Tytho and their multinational clients. Not only the drafting process is automated, the entire workflow from start-up to self-executional filling upon signoff. The most effective way to deal with a document heavy, multimillion dollar extra burden.

After winning the Dutch Blockathon last September, LegalThings was commissioned by the Dutch government to create a pilot for digitizing all so called ‘ASAP-cases’. In predefined workflows, based on the systematics of Dutch law. LegalThings aims to process all 200.000 ASAP-cases on the protocol over the next couple of years.


In commercial real estate alone we are looking at 200 trillion dollars in value. Tokenizing assets makes them available for a global market as well as untapped local markets.

In collaboration with the Waves platform LegalThings is building the mandatory regulatory frameworks for the tokenization of illiquid assets. By doing so, costly, complex and time consuming legal procedures will become vastly more efficient and transparent. This perfect fit of a collaboration will have an enormous effect on the way we define and handle assets.

Together with renowned, global law firm CMS law, LegalThings plans on redefining the Dutch shareholder register. By tokenizing company shares, unique characteristics can be added to a tokenized share. This way actions based on shareholders agreements can automatically be restricted or enabled for all shareholders.